Whimsy in Wood

Gerald Andersen, a Self-Taught Folk Carver
I am a wood carver who draws his inspiration from American folk art.

I began carving in 1984 when my wife and I decided to collect folk art to compliment our 200 year old home, and soon discovered our checkbook balance did not match our ambitions. I decided to build my own folk art collection by carving it myself, because I was young and thought I could do anything. Using wood scraps and acrylic paints, I began by copying the works of early artists from museum catalogs and collections. However, I soon set out on my own course bringing a contemporary sense of irony and wit to the traditional art form.

The pressures of career, commuting, and child-rearing, however, caused me to hang up my carving tools for the next 30 years. I returned to the woodpile with a vengeance upon my retirement. 

My approach is the same as it was 30 years ago: scrap pine glued together, carved and painted with acrylic paint. My subject matter ranges from literature, to sports, to history.

Gallery Showings:
Featured Artist at the Outsider Folk Art Gallery, Reading, PA, July- August, 2009
Featured Artist, May-August, 2011, at the Outsider Folk Art Gallery in an exhibit titled "Animals in Folk Art:Traditional and Non-Traditional."

Award for Sculpture at the 2014 Artsbridge Juried Show, New Hope, Pennsylvania.
Honorable Mention, Sculpture, The Tinicicum, Pennsylvania, Arts Fair, July 2015.

"Whimsy in Wood", North Hunterdon County Library, January 2010 
"Whimsy in Wood", Main Branch, Hunterdon County, NJ, library, November 2014